medical dermatology
At Advanced Dermatology we offer comprehensive skin care health care, using a holistic and thorough approach which incorporates each individual's unique circumstances. We maintain a focus on quality over quantity, and an "academic medicine" mentality in all that we do. Indeed, Dr. Tarlow is an award winning faculty member and regularly teaches at the Department of Dermatology of the University of Pennsylvania, which is consistently ranked as one of the best in the country. This involvement influences our entire approach to patient care. At our single-site practice, our four providers work shoulder to shoulder alongside each other throughout the day. This arrangement ensures that patients are seen in an atmosphere of collaboration, and challenging cases are often discussed and managed as a team.

We use the newest advancements in diagnostic and treatment modalities, including thorough skin examination with dermoscopy (epiluminescense dermoscopy), and treatments such as photodynamic therapy. Our private, large and well-appointed light therapy section includes narrow-band UVB for both whole body treatment as well as focal hand and foot care. When our patients with more serious skin conditions are faced with the sometimes difficult choice of choosing between topical and the myriad systemic treatments, we work hard to partner with them in evaluating the best option for each individual. In this approach, we see ourselves as a thoroughly modern practice in our use of cutting edge diagnostics and therapeutics, coupled with an old-fashioned mentality of being genuinely invested in our patient's wellbeing.

We look forward to the privilege of being a partner on your path to reaching the best possible care for your skin's health!
surgical dermatology
The treatment of skin cancer is a particular passion at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Surgery. We specialize in cutaneous oncology, using various therapeutic modalities – both surgical and non-surgical. Non-surgical methods include topical creams and gels when appropriate, as well as intralesional injections and photodynamic therapy. When a determination is made that surgery is the ideal option, various methods are available. Superficial destruction may be an option, or excision and repair may be deemed more appropriate. In high risk situations, Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the gold standard. Dr. Tarlow has performed this highly technical procedure thousands of times, and is an expert in both the removal of skin cancer, as well as the intricate reconstructive surgery that often follows. At our practice we have a modern CLIA certified laboratory on site which is set up for this procedure. Patients stay in a separate warm and inviting suite during the waiting phase of this technique, where various beverages and delicacies are provided to increase comfort.

Our staff members are very experienced in the care of patients who are undergoing the sometimes stressful and concerning experience of skin cancer surgery, and we pride ourselves on the genuine concern, warmth and TLC that we know we ourselves would want as a patient in these situations! Commonly asked questions about Mohs Micrographic Surgery
cosmetic dermatology
Our approach to the enhancement of your skin begins with a step back. After carefully evaluating which issues are important to you, and determining the realistic as well as practical possibilities and their respective pros and cons, we will work together with you in arriving at the best outcome. Among the many possibilities, we offer:
  • Expert removal of unwanted moles and growths
  • Laser removal of unwanted blemishes
  • Laser treatment of rosacea and some scars
  • Chemical peels for the treatment of acne and other skin surface concerns
  • Neurotoxin (Botox) injections for dynamic wrinkles
  • Fillers such as Restylane and others for facial contouring and lifting
At Advanced Dermatology you can expect an honest and rational assessment followed by pragmatic guidance, with the sole agenda of making you happy and satisfied with your result.